Professional Witnesses Ltd was originally founded in 1997 to help and support police authorities, serve, protect and reassure people.

The journey began by providing independent professional witnessing services hence where the name originated but as time has passed, our service offering, expertise and knowledge has evolved to help fight the ever changing demands of the criminal world.

Over the last 20 years, PWG has celebrated phenomenal growth and expansion, all coordinated from its Manchester Headquarters.  The company has invested heavily in key areas of the business, from infrastructure through to utilising the latest innovative and unique technological solutions to ensure we stay at the cutting edge of technology. This combined with our renowned holistic approach to service which enables us to deliver results in all key areas of expertise.

Today, the PWG group offers extraordinary security solutions, always providing the extra, but never delivering just ordinary. This is instrumental when protecting the assets, security, people and essential processes of many of the UK’s best-known organisations.


Over the last 50 years, local entrepreneur Steve has invested in and developed several successful businesses within the North West in a variety of industries and sectors. The Chairman still plays an active role within the business.

Steve Walsh

Alan has over 40 year’s law enforcement experience in the UK in the public and private sector. He was a fully trained Senior Investigating Officer within one of the largest Police Forces in the country and was responsible for implementing major changes in the investigation of serious crimes within this Police Force.

Alan Johnson

Andy became a Director in 2016 and has continued to develop his skills in many areas which includes successfully achieving several accreditations, delivering e-learning packages whilst helping to oversee the overall growth strategy for the business.

Andy Cotterill

Danny joined PWG in 2018 and heads up the marketing and brand strategy for the PWG Group. He has a proven track record with over 25 years marketing experience in a variety of industries and environments.

Danny Taylor

As part of the 2021 growth strategy, Anthony joined the group and brought with him over 25 years’ of sales experience to the team. After a very successful first year with PWG, Anthony has since been rewarded and promoted to Head of Sales.

Tony Stanway

Billy has been with PWG since its formation in 1997. He is an extremely professional and knowledgeable manager who is adept at understanding clients’ requirements and ensuring they are operationally implemented to “best in class” standards.

Mohinder (Billy) Singh

Michael joined PWG in 2018 and has undertaken a variety of roles within the business from commercial to operational positions. This valuable experience will stand Michael in good stead now as he heads up the operational services within our Alarm Receiving Centre ARC.

Michael McGinlay


Everything we do is to improve the lives of the people, businesses and communities we serve and to promote a safe and secure environment for all. PWG throughout its history has dedicated itself to the design & development of innovative security solutions for the intelligent detection, protection and elimination of risk to businesses, people & their assets.

It is our policy to achieve sustained, profitable growth by providing innovative product, services & solutions, which consistently satisfy and exceed the needs and expectations of our clients. PWG is committed to the future by investing in its people, technologies, intelligence & facilities in order to develop innovative new solutions, products & services, whilst further strengthening its reputation for quality, innovation, responsiveness & competitiveness.


PWG is committed to grow our business to become the global niche security partner of choice. At the forefront of innovative, effective security solutions which optimise our performance to help minimise the risk to our client’s businesses, people and assets. Recognising the sensitive nature of the services provided by PWG, we will achieve this through ethical relationships with employees, customers, suppliers, through ensuring accreditation and commitment to the highest industry standards and adopting regulatory provisions in the acquisition of evidence and data that exceed industry requirements and which law enforcement agencies are subject of. This provides the ability for all PWG obtained evidence to meet UK and European judicial and legislative requirements.



Trust, Respect & Integrity

Customer Excellence






Social Responsibility