When it comes to protecting your residential or commercial properties, quality access control systems provide great peace of mind by only allowing authorised individuals into your home, community or business.  The management control systems can effectively enable you to specifically manage who has access to selective areas within a specific building to help protect valuable assets from theft or prevent damage to the property.

Sophisticated kit and software allows you to control the access to only approved individuals via fobs, key cards or biometrics (fingerprint / eyeball recognition).  These systems allow you to track the movement of all individuals throughout the premises so for companies it can be a useful tool for identifying who is on the premises in case of emergencies or reporting lateness / absenteeism. With an access control system, the business can also just remove the employee’s access from the system digitally rather than changing locks. 

At PWG we only install what we feel benefits the client and with this in mind our engineers only fit the Paxton or Hikvision range of access control system.