The Issue
This growing construction company utilises a large fleet of vehicles and high value plant machinery that requires protection from damage and theft. Any potential damage or losses to it’s fleet can impact the time sensitive nature of the construction project delivery.  

The Solution 
To help protect Argyle’s compound and stored vehicles we provide a monitoring service to respond to raised alarms from the CCTV systems if site security has been compromised. We also provide access control to prevent any unauthorised entry.  To assist with fleet management and crime prevention purposes, we also provided Argyle with additional technological solutions.

The Result
Having the CCTV monitored by PWG’s alarm receiving centre ensures rapid response to any activations and will be escalated if necessary. Thus, protecting the premises and assets after the close of business when the site is at its’ most vulnerable. The technological solutions employed by Argyle has resulted in the successful recovery of items removed from site without authorisation