The Issue
As with all financial institutions, Barclays Bank has faced the real threat of theft and robbery from organised criminal gangs at branch level across the UK. This includes physical attacks on employees within the branch to external damage to property via ATM machines or whilst cash and valuables are still within transit.  During COVID-19, Barclays has also had to transform and adapt its services due to the nature of the pandemic which has led to transformation of more automated systems and processes. This change in management has certainly come with its issues as employees have witnessed an increased growth in physical and verbal threats from irate customers who fail to adapt to the new processes and restrictions in place e.g. wearing masks, increased wait times etc. The bank has also had to protect it’s property, assets and people at head office during AGM’s and at a branch level from activist groups holding demonstrations. 

The Solution
Over the last 15 years of working with the Barclays Bank our role and responsibilities have evolved alongside the ever-changing nature of threats to the company. During this period we’ve undertaken both surveillance and counter surveillance activities to help build up valuable intelligence on organised criminal activity. Provided technical security solutions to protect the national network of ATM’s and supported the supply of cash to branches with CVIT follows.  During the change management programme, we supported Barclays Bank by providing selected branches with front of house security solutions that would effectively implement the COVID marshalling. Working in partnership with Barclays security team we have provided additional front-line support for the AGM’s and close protection services to ensure the event security.

The Result
During the last 15 years, the visible layered security systems and deterrents provided by PWG has protected Barclays Bank from costly attacks to branch and head office, which has ensured the business benefits from operational resilience and continuity. Our friendly and effective security officers over the years have provided reassurance for Barclays Bank customers, employees and logistical partners. Utilising our advanced technology solutions, the bank was able to provide the necessary evidence to capture and convict a criminal gang which had been targeting the ATM industry. The intelligence gathered on surveillance tasks was also fully utilised to proactively develop an effective security strategy to prevent future criminal activity in collaboration with other crime fighting agencies.