The Issue 
With over 2,000 employees across the UK, Bernard Matthews food manufacturing business is heavily reliant on people to successfully process the products to market. That large workforce is supplemented with a high proportion of seasonal transient workers during peak trading which brings with it lots of potential issues which range from bullying, harassment, safety, theft, hygiene, environmental, fraud to welfare to name just a few. Unfortunately, not all employees feel comfortable about reporting such issues with a direct line manager due to potential reprisals and therefore the problem would go unreported and unactioned. 

The Solution 
Supporting its workforce was a key objective for Bernard Matthews and we provided them with an independent and confidential whistle blowing hotline and reporting service which enabled employees to report any such issues with the strictest of confidence, 24/7, 365 days a year. 

The Result 
Providing this whistle blowing service enabled employees the confidence to come forward with any issues they may have had or witnessed which enabled Bernard Matthews to swiftly deal with any reported matters before they escalate into a bigger problem.