The Issue
The City of London had several issues including growing levels of anti-social behaviour, drug misuse and other related criminal activities on City of London managed residential estates.

The Solution
PWG was instructed to undertake a security audit of the local vicinity and provide security consultancy to help tackle criminality and reduce the number of complaints off residents. Off the back of this audit and recommendations, PWG provided an overt presence on the designated Estate in South London via Hawkeye mobile patrol vehicles equipped with cameras. This was supported by security officers on the ground wearing body cameras to act as a visible deterrent and point of reference for the residents to report activities. The PWG team also undertook weapons sweep patrols in collaboration with the Metropolitan Police.

The Result
During the operational period, the residential estate saw a significant decrease in reported cases of anti-social behaviour and criminality. The PWG security team acted as a conduit between the community and the Police, successfully winning the hearts and minds of the residents and become trusted members of the community. These strong relationships helped the officers to obtain valuable information on criminal activity and build up intelligence on certain individuals within the neighbourhood. Useful footage obtained from the body worn cameras and mobile patrol vehicles also we’re passed onto the necessary authorities for further action.