Whilst our schools, colleges and Universities are generally a safe haven for our young people to learn without fear for their safety. The education sector is not completely immune from criminal activity and several issues need to be addressed including the theft of valuable assets from the classrooms, trespassing and vandalism to property, distribution of illicit substances amongst students, intimidation and harassment of pupils and staff to name just a few. High profile institutions can also become a potential target for terrorism so it’s vital that robust security and anti-terrorism protocols are set in place.

Within the education sector our main remit includes creating a safe and secure environment, free from criminal activity. We protect the property and surrounding areas against unwanted trespassers with the use of intelligent CCTV systems that utilise the latest artificial intelligence software to detect unusual or suspicious behaviours. This technology-based solution is remotely monitored from our accredited alarm receiving centre but supported with a physical presence on the ground in the form of mobile patrol vehicles and SIA trained security officers that can react quickly to any incident, threats or emergencies. 

Our concierge teams can also provide a very warm welcome to all visitors and guests, undertake the necessary ID and security checks before they’re greeted or chaperoned to the relevant department or individual. Our teams have also successfully overseen the security detail for large events held at education establishments like graduations which has included close protection services for extended members of the Royal family and a senior member of the House of Lords. 

The main services we provide within this sector include CCTV, remote monitoring, mobile patrols, security officers, event security, concierge services and lone worker protection.