Whether it be a wedding reception, graduation ceremony, concert, AGM or a sporting event, it’s a common occurrence to get uninvited individuals or groups who will try to gain access, infiltrate or gate crash by force or via other mischievous methods.

Our specialist SIA trained event security officers can help prevent such intruders and ensure only your invited guests are welcomed and provided with a safe environment during the event before ensuring safe passage off the premises or arena when the event closes.

When managing large crowds with alcohol present it often comes with a higher risk of disorder or challenging behaviour. Our security officers are trained in conflict management and will deal with any such issues in a quick and effective manner to ensure all guests, visitors, performers and employees leave the show safely. 

For each event we will put together a detailed bespoke plan to meet the unique requirements to ensure it goes off successfully and peacefully. Contingency and emergency plans will be actioned if the needs arise. This will be managed using a combination of security officers on the ground, mobile patrols and CCTV when required, all coordinated from our centralised control and command centre at PWG HQ.