The financial industry is notoriously a high risk sector and this has been the backbone of our success over the years. We’ve grown from strength to strength off the back of our long term partnerships within retail banking with several high street banks / building societies to help protect their employees and the valuable assets they hold and transport.

Any building or vehicle that holds a vast amount of cash or valuable assets will obviously be targeted by organised crime gangs and individual criminals via theft, armed robbery and ATM attacks. The main services we provide within this sector include branch security guards, asset tracking solutions, surveillance operations, mobile CCTV patrols, cash and valuables-in-transit escort (CVIT), emergency response and lone worker protection. 

The banking industry is not only targeted by the criminal element, it often has to manage protests from various environmental and anti-corporate demonstration groups at branch level, head office or at AGM’s. Our team of security professionals are deployed to peacefully support any events or organised gatherings to minimise any potential disruption to service, damage to property or threat to company employees. 

Changes to society and technological advancements have also played an important role in the changing landscape of banking globally as demand for online services and automated solutions have dramatically transformed the role of the high street bank. We help to provide the necessary security support solutions during the roll out transformation process. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve also played a significant role in assisting the retail banking industry with business continuity during a very difficult time. Branch employees have been unfortunately exposed to increased levels of intimidation and harassment from customers. Our security officers have provided much needed support to branches to help marshal and effectively control the flow of customers, ensuring spacing and appropriate PPE is worn.

We’re also proud members of the European Association for Secure Transactions whose members are committed to gathering, collating and sharing information on terminal & payment security.


We’ve also worked for:

    • ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND – Cash in transit escorting.
    • LLOYDS TSB – Cash in transit escorting / branch welfare checks. 
    • NORWICH & PETERBOROUGH BUILDING SOCIETY – Covert CCTV installation / loss prevention investigations.
    • POST OFFICE – Cash in transit escorting / covert investigations / loss prevention reporting. 
    • CARDTONICS – Cash in transit escorting.
    • CASHZONE – ATM protection solutions.
    • BANK MACHINE – ATM protection solutions.