The Issue
A substantial flatted development managed by Guinness Partnership was reporting high levels of anti-social behaviour from residents who we’re fearful of providing the necessary information due to potential reprisals. These anti-social behaviour issues included unknown and unauthorised individuals visiting the development to deal drugs, which led to drug paraphernalia being discarded, urination and defecation within the communal areas.  

The Solution 
Despite a 24/7 security team and existing CCTV system they’re was insufficient evidence to commence with enforcement actions. In the short term, PWG used covert means to gather the compelling evidence for our client. Longer term we designed and installed a more technologically advanced CCTV system.

The Result 
The Guinness Partnership, as a result of the evidence provided the local Magistrates granted closure notices against two properties that had been identified as being involved in the supply of illicit substances.