We provide a number of solutions under our Hawkeye brand which allow us to monitor, guard and track your assets to minimise the risk of disruption.
Fleet of Security Vans
Protection and surveillance through static and mobile guarding units.
Rapid security deployment and incident management for all potential emergencies.
CCTV installation, alarm response and remote monitoring services.

With our distinctive fleet of overt surveillance vehicles and highly trained officers, we are at the forefront of gathering intelligence in the field. We provide reassurance and protection whilst recording valuable visible evidence with our advanced CCTV cameras, relaying real-time information and data back to our 24/7 control centre. We often work in close collaboration with the Police and other relevant support / community groups to help combat criminality. Our clients regularly call upon us for securely opening and closing premises, cash point surveillance, cash in transit security, patrolling housing communities and being on-site for any essential business security or intelligence gathering activities. As well as providing a strong, visible deterrent, Hawkeye999™ uses innovative technologies that enable us to monitor, recover and prosecute with unparalleled results against organised crime groups.

If you need your property, people or assets monitoring and making safe, you need Hawkeye999™.


Delivering proven results for our clients in the fight against organised crime.

Working together with police and law enforcement agencies to protect our clients from crime.