Professional Witnesses Ltd was originally founded in 1997 to assist and support the police authorities in serving, protecting and reassuring the general public. The journey began by providing independent professional witnessing services hence where the name originated but as time has passed, our service offering, expertise and knowledge has evolved to help fight the ever changing demands of the criminal world. 

Over the past 20 years, PWG has celebrated phenomenal growth and expansion, all coordinated from its Manchester Headquarters.  The company has invested heavily in key areas of the business, from infrastructure through to utilising the latest innovative and unique technological solutions to ensure we stay at the cutting edge of technology. This combined with our renowned holistic approach to providing first class service has enabled us to successfully deliver results in all key areas of expertise.

Today, the PWG group offers extraordinary security solutions in a variety of environments, always providing the extra, but never delivering just the ordinary. This is instrumental when protecting the assets, security, people and essential processes of many of the UK’s best-known organisations.