Much of the supported accommodation within the UK is provided by housing associations who provide and manage a wide range of housing solutions, from large community estates, multi-occupancy flats to individual properties. Keeping the peace within these communities can be a very difficult task for the housing providers especially with tenants having such a diverse array of backgrounds. 

Anti-social behaviour is a very common problem that impacts local communities across the whole of the UK.  The Crime and Disorder Act 1998 defines anti-social behaviour as acting in a manner that has “caused or was likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to one or more persons not of the same household” as the perpetrator. This can include a variety of issues such as noise pollution, racism, alcohol and drugs misuse, gathering of large groups, graffiti and litter. 

The housing sector has been severely impacted by ASB over recent years especially with long periods of austerity, lockdown measures due to COVID-19 and significant cuts to local policing resources.  

To help combat the growing problems associated with ASB, we’ve worked very closely with a lot of respected housing associations and resident community groups to help provide and maintain a safer community for its inhabitants. Our specialist support services have helped to fight anti-social behaviour, tenancy fraud and sub-letting by providing the following services, independent professional witnessing, CCTV and monitoring, overt and covert surveillance, mobile patrols and lone worker protection. 

We take a multi-agency approach and work in close collaboration with the relevant Police, housing provider and community groups to help prevent providing a safer place to live.


We’ve also worked for:

    • SOUTHWAY HOUSING TRUST – Professional witnessing / CCTV.
    • ONE HOUSING GROUP – Professional witnessing / surveillance. 
    • LONDON AND QUADRANT – Professional witnessing.  
    • THE REGENDA GROUP – lone worker services / surveillance / professional witnessing / security patrols.
    • FIRST CHOICE HOMES – Covert surveillance.
    • WIGAN AND LEIGH HOUSING – mobile patrolling / ASB. 
    • CONTOUR HOMES – mobile patrolling / overt and covert CCTV / surveillance.
    • GREAT PLACES – Covert CCTV.
    • HUNDRED HOUSES – CCTV and surveillance.
    • MAGENTA LIVING – covert CCTV and tracking, surveillance and investigations, professional witnessing.
    • PEABODY TRUST – Professional witnessing.
    • HYNBURN HOMES – CCTV / alarm monitoring. 
    • SPITTALFIELDS HOUSING TRUST – AGM close protection. 
    • AMICUS HOUSING – professional witnessing.
    • NORTHWOOD HOUSING – professional witnessing.
    • PEAK VALLEY HOUSING – guarding, CCTV, surveillance.