Our Intel Us™ brand is the central cog of all our activity, utilising all the available intelligence gathered, we analyse, interpret, respond with a coordinated and intelligent based solution adhering to the principles of the UK National Intelligence Model (NIM). Working in close collaboration with the client, national and regional crime fighting agencies to help protect our clients in the fight against organised crime. Examples include:-

  • ATM protection and specialist monitoring.
  • Independent and confidential crime line and whistleblowing services.
  • Lone worker protection.
  • Tiger kidnap and hostage protection.

We focus on prevention where possible, and detection where practical. Supported by highly effective intelligence to deliver an unrivalled maximum return on investment where your security objectives demand zero tolerance.


Monitoring, guarding and tracking your assets to minimise the risk of business disruption.

Working together with police and law enforcement agencies to protect our clients from crime.