The Issue
Loomis have provided CVIT (cash and valuable in transit) services to the banking industry for many years and during this period they have been subjected to numerous robberies and attacks whilst resupplying the banks with cash to restock the ATM’s. The potential threat to the CVIT teams combined with the loss of the valuables being transported has resulted in Loomis looking for additional support to help protect its people and valuable assets.

The Solution
At PWG, we’ve provided an added layer of protection for Loomis CVIT teams by escorting the vehicles carrying cash. Our escort teams will ensure route clearance and identify any potential risks ahead of the CVIT vehicle arriving at the bank, building society or supermarkets. Their overt presence acts as a visible deterrent to organised crime gangs and in response to any attacks will follow the escalation procedures via the command and control at PWG HQ, they will gather the necessary evidence and intelligence to help bring the perpetrators to justice. We have also undertaken covert surveillance operations when required to identify potential risks. 

The Result
In the past we have responded to CVIT attacks in progress and raised the alarm whilst recording valuable evidence for prosecution purposes.