Our manned guarding service helps to secure the premises and property of our clients against unauthorised access or occupation (if the property is vacant). They control the entire perimeter of the site and specifically operate the main gate house which manages the flow of employees, visitors and deliveries, ensuring only permitted individuals and vehicles gain access.

The guards will also be responsible for reducing the costly pilferage of company assets by undertaking regular spot checks on individuals and vehicles leaving the premises. The team will proactively undertake regular surveillance patrols to help identify any damage or threats to the perimeter or property that we protect. All sites managed by PWG will also have regular but unplanned penetration tests undertaken to ensure our protocols and systems are resolute and robust.

All guards must have a valid SIA license and will be continually trained to a high standard to ensure we offer a courteous and professional service. All members of the team will be trained in first aid and conflict management and be on hand to respond to any disorder or accidents on site when required. 

The manned guarding service is often supported by our CCTV and monitoring solutions to ensure we provide an integrated and cost effective security solution. When required we can also provide additional support from dog handling units to assist in providing extraordinary security.