The manufacturing industry has a high threat level of crime which unfortunately comes from within and outside the organisation. The production and warehousing facilities for many manufacturers will contain valuable raw materials, component parts and finished goods in bulk which are at a high risk of theft. 

The value of stock losses attributed through internal pilferage from employees and subcontractors within the UK manufacturing, production and processing industry is significant and those losses are into the £millions. The threat also comes from external sources via individual burglars and organised crime gangs that will specifically target facilities that they feel contain high value goods that can be easily sold on. To gain entry to the manufacturing plants they will often use force which puts employees at risk and can also lead to expensive damage to the property. 

Manufacturing facilities can often be very dangerous environments which can lead to critical incidents. Our teams of professional security officers will help to ensure suitable access control is maintained and that health and safety protocols are followed to help protect the employees on site from risk. In the unfortunate event of an incident we are first on scene to help assist in the managing of the incident. Not only do we help protect the employees from risk but we help to maintain business continuity as interruptions to production can be extremely costly. 

Within certain sectors of manufacturing like the Pharmaceutical and tobacco industry the sensitive nature of the stocks means that the materials need to be controlled and protected effectively. This includes us undertaking the escort and convoy protection for the high value and sensitive goods in transit. We also provide an independent witnessed destruction service for perishable and unwanted items. 

As part of the Critical National Infrastructure (CNI), certain Pharmaceutical organisations will have to protect their environment, property and products against corporate espionage and activist groups looking to proactively trespass and infiltrate the grounds. These groups will try to cause disruption to any part of the production process and can often be responsible for significant damage to property and the perimeters. 

The main services we provide within this sector include site security teams including gatehouse management, search officers, CCTV and monitoring, witnessed destructions, covert surveillance investigations, infiltration, mobile patrols and tracking services. We offer an intelligence-based security provision which offers manufacturers a cost-effective solution to tackle loss prevention and provide a visible deterrent to any external criminal threats. 


We’ve also worked for:

  • CENTRAL PHARMA – Front of house concierge service.
  • ROBERT WISEMAN DAIRIES – infiltration to tackle internal theft / loss prevention. 
  • GALLAGHER’S TOBACCO – witnessed destruction.
  • JAPAN TOBACCO INTERNATIONAL – witnessed destruction.
  • COOKSON GOLD – Travel safety for employees (monitoring / emergency escalation support) 
  • ALONSO PARIS – CCTV / alarm monitoring.
  • BAT (BRITISH AMERICAN TOBACCO) – asset tracking.
  • COGENCO – lone worker solutions / monitoring.
  • CCL SECURE – escorting high value goods.