Utilising branded PWG vehicles equipped with modern CCTV equipment, the highly trained SIA qualified security officers with supporting bodycams can provide our customers with a flexible mobile security solution than can be quickly deployed to provide a rapid response to any potential incidents or threats. 

The mobile patrols allow us to cover a much larger area so it’s ideal for clients with a large premises, multiple sites in close proximity or local communities to protect. When not reacting to incidents they can act as a visible and overt deterrent to criminals by undertaking routine and unpredicted visits to high risk or vulnerable areas.

The patrols can work in silo or as part of a wider integrated security solution to support a static guarding team or to respond to alerts generated from our CCTV monitoring services, which are  managed through our accredited ARC. All intelligence gathered is fed back to our command and control at PWG head office to use as valuable evidence for prosecutions.