The Issue
After incurring significant financial losses from ATM attacks, plus damage to client property and potential threat to life, Note Machine we’re extremely keen to find a solution to help tackle this growing problem. The increased threat levels of physical attacks on ATM’s (Automated Teller Machines) throughout the UK includes solid / gas explosive attacks, or physical removal of ATM’s from a property.

The Solution
We provide Note Machine with the electronic counter measure solutions to help protect their assets. As with most theft or robberies, speed is of the essence to ensure a coordinated response which is critical for successful recovery and potential capture of the offenders. This incident management support service enables us to monitor cash and valuables in transit (CVIT) and in emergency situations we escalate to the relevant police authority.

The Result
Whilst providing solutions for Note Machine we have no recorded loss of assets.  We continue to provide support and reassurance for the CVIT operatives by offering a coordinated emergency services response to raised alarms.