The Issue
Rochdale Borough Wide Housing we’re experiencing racially motivated anti-social behaviour issues which included intimidation and threatening violence to potential occupants, which led to the property in question being left void for a long period of time and thus losing valuable rental income. The unoccupied property was also the subject of criminal damage which incurred the associated costs of remedial works. These negative behaviours prevented a much-needed family home to be let whilst also having a significant reputational damage to the housing association. 

The Solution 
To gather evidence and intelligence of any anti-social or criminal behaviours causes by any person to support possession or injunction proceedings, anti-social behaviour orders or criminal prosecutions where appropriate. We used a range of technical and human covert intelligence means to gather the required intelligence to help with the identification of the perpetrators.

The Result
Working in close partnership with RBWH and third parties we identified the person, the triggers for the behaviours and subsequently gathered the necessary evidence to support the civil and criminal proceedings.