The Issue
As with most communities, Southwark Council has had a variety of issues relating to anti-social behaviour ranging from noise pollution, property damage to criminal activity.

The Solution
To help resolve disputes between neighbours, identify breach of tenancy agreements and potentially identify unauthorised sub-letting, PWG is contracted to the London Borough of Southwark Council to provide an independent professional witnessing service to help provide the necessary evidence for legal proceedings if required. Our wider scope of work with Southwark Council includes a variety of activities including mobile surveillance vehicles and supporting security teams to reassure the public and act as a deterrent for criminal and anti-social behaviour. When discretion is required, our specialist operatives have conducted covert surveillance tasks to monitor the behaviour and activities of persons of interest utilising a range of methods and latest technology. We have designed and installed overt and covert CCTV systems for the purpose of crime prevention and public safety and undertaken vacant property inspections to safeguard against unauthorised occupation, damage or theft from the property. In a joint initiative with the Southwark council ASB team and the Metropolitan Police service we provided additional support units to engage with members of the public to inform them about a newly implemented court injunction to combat ASB and criminal activity within a large public park in South London. Following on from the success of this we’ve since been instructed to provide similar security services across a wider geographical area encompassing housing estates and public spaces.

The Result
The successful delivery of a variety of security solutions has resulted in Southwark Council renewing our contract for the past five years which is a testament to the results we deliver. PWG has provided the necessary evidence to support the community management teams to either resolve a dispute amicably or achieve results through the legal systems when required. The joint initiative with the local authority and Police helped Southwark Council to proactively protect the public space from any illegal gatherings or damage to public property.