The Issue
As with most high street retailers, theft is a significant cost to any retail business with stock losses from theft instore from opportunist thieves and potential losses via internal pilferage. Due to the nature of the branded merchandise available within TK Maxx stores and their locations on remote retail parks this makes them a target for organised criminal gangs outside of trading hours.

The Solution 
We provide TK Maxx with a 24/7 loss prevention whistle blowing reporting line across the entire estate throughout Europe. This information is all gathered and fed back into their internal loss prevention teams so they can build intelligence that can be utilised for future loss prevention strategies internally and externally. Our remit also includes our emergency response teams to mobilise rapidly upon instruction from the loss prevention team. This includes short term and long-term deployments to help keep the retail operation protected following attacks, alarm failures and structural building issues.  

The Result
Over the significant period of time that we’ve supported TK Maxx, we’ve collated valuable information for the loss prevention teams to utilise effectively. We also provide reassurance and support to the individual stores during emergency situations.