An asset is usually at its most vulnerable whilst in transit. Whether that be raw materials, parts or finished goods being distributed through the supply chain. Items moving through manufacturing facilities, warehousing, retail outlets to the end customer and back again via a returns system creates a lot of opportunity for criminal activity. 

Within this sector we’ve worked in close partnership with cash and valuables-in-transit (CVIT) security suppliers to provide back-up escort surveillance services, to overtly deter activity and to capture any evidence in response to attacks via our Hawkeye support vehicles.

We also provide gatehouse security at manufacturing and logistical hubs which includes CCTV monitoring, stop and search services, and surveillance and infiltration investigations when required.


We’ve also worked for:- 

  • G4S – Escorting CIT.
  • SSG SUNWIN SERVICES GROUP – Co-op cash in transit. 
  • HEGEMEYER – Covert surveillance operations.
  • WINCANTONS – Covert surveillance operations.
  • TRUCKCRAFT – CCTV / alarm monitoring.
  • STAGECOACH – Covert operations / CCTV installations. 
  • M60 SELF STORAGE – CCTV / alarm monitoring.
  • SINCLAIR COLLIS – Escorting high value goods.