The Issue
This large modern further education facility with multiple campuses is home to a population of circa 1,500 students and tutors. In response to the Manchester Bombing in 2017, The University of Bolton contacted PWG for security advice with regards to safeguarding against potential terror attacks.

The Solution
Following a security audit and review of the entire University, PWG we’re appointed to provide a front of house concierge service that would ensure a warm welcome and signposting to all visitors, student and tutors.  We would work in close collaboration with the in-house security teams and provide stop and search in accordance with the Universities internal policies. To enhance the existing security network, PWG designed and installed an intelligent and integrated CCTV system which utilised the latest AI technology for recognition and identification purposes. This system was also monitored by the PWG alarm receiving centre who would provide a rapid response to any alarms triggered. For high profile events such as graduations ceremonies we would also provide event management support which included pre-event security checks, search teams and provide close protection teams for an extended member of the Royal Family and for a high-profile individual in public office with significant identified threat.

The Result
As with most organisations, first impressions are critical and the PWG front of house team certainly delivered a valuable service to portrait The University of Bolton as a welcoming and inclusive facility. The technical installation has been a valuable tool for the security team to assist in safeguarding all individuals on site and protecting the University property. The support provided around key events ensured they all ran smoothly and effectively.