We are a specialist and accredited security provider with a strong proven track record for delivering highly intelligent security solutions to a diverse range of clients across the UK and internationally.

Our aim is simple: to provide extraordinary security that protects, detects and eliminates emerging risks to businesses, people and assets. In the event of incidents occurring, we proactively and professionally manage the situation on behalf of our clients from start to finish, all coordinated from our purpose built 24/7 ‘state of the art’ NSI Gold Cat II ARC monitoring centre. Everything we do is designed to secure an extraordinary return on investment plus ensuring the brand reputation for all our clients is protected.

At PWG we embrace and pioneer the latest technologies, to deter criminal behaviour and continually keep us one step ahead. Everything we do is results-driven, and through the use of innovative technology, effective intelligent analysis via dedicated specialist employees, we consistently exceed the needs and expectations of our clients. Services offered include, but not limited to:

Access Control
When it comes to protecting your residential or commercial properties, quality access control systems provide great peace of mind by only allowing authorised individuals into your home, community or business.  The management control systems can effectively enable you to specifically manage who has access to selective areas within a specific building to help protect valuable assets from theft or prevent damage to the property.

Sophisticated kit and software allows you to control the access to only approved individuals via fobs, key cards or biometrics (fingerprint / eyeball recognition).  These systems allow you to track the movement of all individuals throughout the premises so for companies it can be a useful tool for identifying who is on the premises in case of emergencies or reporting lateness / absenteeism. With an access control system, the business can also just remove the employee’s access from the system digitally rather than changing locks. 

At PWG we only install what we feel benefits the client and with this in mind our engineers only fit the Paxton or Hikvision range of access control system.

Alarm Response
At PWG HQ we have a dedicated alarm receiving centre (ARC) which is manned 24/7 by highly trained operatives who can monitor and respond quickly to all alarms activations triggered from CCTV, access control and lone worker systems. The ARC is a NSI (National Security Inspectorate) Gold Cat II alarm receiving centre accredited to BS5959. 

We also have mobile security teams on standby that can be activated and rapidly respond to any situation nationwide whether that be disturbances or to protect a vulnerable property that have undertaken damage

Every alarm response incident is dealt with swiftly and effectively to provide our clients with complete peace of mind and a summary of all activity is recorded and reported back on a regular basis.

Asset in Transit Escorting
High value goods are often at their most vulnerable when in transit, which highlights the need for adequate protection to ensure it reaches its desired destination safely and securely. 

At PWG we offer escort support services that will follow and track the valuable consignments and offer additional support and security to the transit vehicle during its journey. This service can be undertaken in CCTV operated overtly branded vehicles to warn off criminals or in unmarked vehicles for more discretion if required. 

We also support the banking industry with tracking solutions for cash-in-transit (CIT) alongside offering additional support for cash pick-ups and drop offs for many high street financial institutions.

CCTV & Alarm Monitoring
Whether it’s a commercial or residential applications we have a variety of flexible security solutions to help protect your valuable assets and property from theft and damage. We design, install and maintain many types of alarm systems including hard-wired, wireless, hybrid and integrated systems, which start from a basic audible only intruder alarms to highly intelligent and sophisticated CCTV systems with monitoring and police response.

All installations are carried out to the highest of standards by our team of qualified engineers in accordance with SSAIB accreditation. We provide CCTV and monitoring services to all market sectors including domestic homes, commercial outlets, industrial facilities to large public buildings. 

External signage, sirens boxes and camaras for intruder alarms and CCTV systems around the perimeter of the building can act as a deterrent to those criminals lurking in the area. If they do attempt to break in the audible sirens will activate and alert those in close proximity as well as remotely that the property is under threat. The live footage captured from the CCTV cameras can also prevent false call outs but record valuable evidence for potential prosecution if a crime is being committed.  

We utilise the highest quality equipment from our technology partners such as Avigilon, Axis, Hikvison, Texecom and Ajax to ensure we provide a quality solution. This is backed up with our experienced alarm response operatives in our NSI Gold Cat ll Alarm Receiving Centre who operate the industry leading Gemini alarm monitoring software provided by Bold Communications.
Our aim is simple, deter, protect and capture!

Close Protection for VIPs
We have a team of highly trained CPO’s (close protection officers) which all carry the relevant SIA Close Protection licenses. The experienced members of this team all come from a military special forces background so are familiar to operating within hostile, high risk environments. 

Sometimes referred to as bodyguards, the CPO’S role is to keep our clients safe from unwanted attention or physical harm. They proactively assess the security risks and meticulously plan ahead to reduce any potential threats and react accordingly if the situation occurs. They provide themselves on providing a discreet service. 

We have provided close protection services for a wide variety of VIP’s ranging from private sector executives to public sector speakers.

Confidential Whistleblowing
A whistle-blower is a person, usually an employee, who exposes information or activity within an organisation that is either deemed illegal, illicit, unsafe or fraudulent activity. The confidentiality element of the service we offer enables the free flow of information without any potential comeback for those reporting the activity. 

Our team of professional operatives within our purpose built ARC will confidentially record the relevant information and pass that onto the relevant contact to deal with.

Counter surveillance refers to measures undertaken to prevent overt and covert surveillance. We utilise specialist counter surveillance equipment to help detect surveillance devices, including listening devices, visual surveillance devices as well as counter surveillance software to thwart unwanted cybercrime e.g. theft of financial, personal or corporate data.

Crime Line Reporting
Through our ARC we also offer a crime line reporting service so organisations especially with multiple outlets can centralise all criminality to one source which can then be collated and reported back centrally on a monthly basis.  

That valuable information can be used to ascertain losses and utilised strategically to improve the incumbent security systems or provisions currently in place.

Crowd Infiltration
We have a team of talented individuals that can infiltrate crowds or groups effectively to help gather valuable intelligence and information which can help tackle criminality.

Destruction Witnessing
Certain products within specific industries like the pharmaceutical, tobacco and the cosmetic industries require waste is be destroyed in the presence of an authorised witnessThis requires us to record the physical destruction of the products and supply the client with independent evidence to prove that this has been undertaken. 

As an approved Environmental Agency ‘Registered Waste Carrier’ which is the legal requirement for the collection and transportation of waste, including the demolition of waste, produced by a business.

Event Security Management
Whether it be a wedding reception, graduation ceremony, concert, AGM or a sporting event, it’s a common occurrence to get uninvited individuals or groups who will try to gain access, infiltrate or gate crash by force or via other mischievous methods.

Our specialist SIA trained event security officers can help prevent such intruders and ensure only your invited guests are welcomed and provided with a safe environment during the event before ensuring safe passage off the premises or arena when the event closes.

When managing large crowds with alcohol present it often comes with a higher risk of disorder or challenging behaviour. Our security officers are trained in conflict management and will deal with any such issues in a quick and effective manner to ensure all guests, visitors, performers and employees leave the show safely. 

For each event we will put together a detailed bespoke plan to meet the unique requirements to ensure it goes off successfully and peacefully. Contingency and emergency plans will be actioned if the needs arise. This will be managed using a combination of security officers on the ground, mobile patrols and CCTV when required, all coordinated from our centralised control and command centre at PWG HQ.

Expert Professional Witnessing
Predominantly this service is undertaken by housing associations, local councils or private residents when they need an unbiased, reliable, independent witness to help resolve a local community issue or ultimately provide legal evidence for court proceedings. A professional witness can help to tackle and resolve many issues including noise pollution, anti-social behaviour amongst other criminal activities such as drug dealing, prostitution and sub-letting.

The PWG witnesses, all come from a police or military background and are skilled in private investigation work and surveillance to ensure any valuable information is recorded accurately. The witnessing tasks are generally undertaken over a number of occasions for a couple of hours at a time to ascertain a fair overview of the complaint.

Front of House, Concierge & Reception
First impressions are very important in any walk of life, both verbally and physically so providing a warm and friendly welcome to visitors, students or employees for a company, organisation or multi tenanted property over the phone or in person is key when you want to impress. 

Our smartly presented teams provide a warm welcome, undertake the necessary ID and security checks, booking all visitors in and out, distribute the relevant passes before directing them to the correct department or destination. The specialist PWG concierge / front of house teams all have a warm and approachable nature with a confident personality which enables them to handle any given situation. All operatives are SIA licensed and are vetted to BS7858 as standard, they will engage positively with all visitors and ensure the property stays safe and secure.

Key Holding
We offer a key holding service that helps to protect and support home and business owners. It requires us to keep a spare key to your business premises or home in a safe place for future use if the primary key becomes unavailable, lost or stolen.

Legal Process Serving
Our team of experienced process servers will deliver the required legal documents in a timely manner to individuals who are involved in litigation cases like defendants, witnesses, and other parties required in the legal proceedings.

Our team of Locksmiths will determine the level of risk to an individual or organisation and then implement the appropriate combinations of equipment to create a physical security layer which is in line with the level of threat from the potential intruders. Our experienced Locksmiths are also on hand to gain access to property or vehicles which have been accidently locked without the required keys to regain access.

Lone Worker Protection
It’s estimated that up to 8 million people in the United Kingdom are lone workers which equates to 22% of the 31.2m UK working population. Working remotely and alone is a growing trend post COVID-19 which does leave many people vulnerable. A lone worker is defined as an employee or individual who performs an activity that is carried out in isolation from other workers without close or direct supervision. 

This can include a wide variety of remote workers from those that work from home, carers, farmers to those that work through the night, it also encompasses client facing employees that spend long periods on the road visiting multiple locations. These lone workers are all exposed to a multitude of potential risks due to no-one being able to assist or support them if anything was to happen. 

We have a number of APP based solutions that can be used to help connect the lone workers to our state-of-the-art alarm receiving centre (ARC) which is accredited to BS8484 for lone worker protection and monitoring.

Manned Guarding
Our manned guarding service helps to secure the premises and property of our clients against unauthorised access or occupation (if the property is vacant). They control the entire perimeter of the site and specifically operate the main gate house which manages the flow of employees, visitors and deliveries, ensuring only permitted individuals and vehicles gain access.

The guards will also be responsible for reducing the costly pilferage of company assets by undertaking regular spot checks on individuals and vehicles leaving the premises. The team will proactively undertake regular surveillance patrols to help identify any damage or threats to the perimeter or property that we protect. All sites managed by PWG will also have regular but unplanned penetration tests undertaken to ensure our protocols and systems are resolute and robust.

All guards must have a valid SIA license and will be continually trained to a high standard to ensure we offer a courteous and professional service. All members of the team will be trained in first aid and conflict management and be on hand to respond to any disorder or accidents on site when required. 

The manned guarding service is often supported by our CCTV and monitoring solutions to ensure we provide an integrated and cost effective security solution. When required we can also provide additional support from dog handling units to assist in providing extraordinary security.

Mobile Patrols
Utilising branded PWG vehicles equipped with modern CCTV equipment, the highly trained SIA qualified security officers with supporting bodycams can provide our customers with a flexible mobile security solution than can be quickly deployed to provide a rapid response to any potential incidents or threats. 

The mobile patrols allow us to cover a much larger area so it’s ideal for clients with a large premises, multiple sites in close proximity or local communities to protect. When not reacting to incidents they can act as a visible and overt deterrent to criminals by undertaking routine and unpredicted visits to high risk or vulnerable areas.

The patrols can work in silo or as part of a wider integrated security solution to support a static guarding team or to respond to alerts generated from our CCTC monitoring services, which are  managed through our accredited ARC. All intelligence gathered is fed back to our command and control at PWG head office to use as valuable evidence for prosecutions.

Security Reviews & Threat Analysis
Every business, organisation and individual has their own unique risks and threats and with this in mind we undertake a bespoke security review and threat analysis for every client we serve. We will identify your vulnerability and put together preventative strategies to help protect your assets.

We can also undertake penetration testing to ensure that these security strategies are working effectively.

We undertake various surveillance tasks in a wide range of applications. The vast majority of our surveillance operations are overt in nature but when discretion and stealth is required we can undertake this activity covertly. The main objective is to gather valuable intelligence and important evidence via close observation that can be used in the fight against criminality.