The Issue
Milton Keynes was a ‘New Town’ development which resulted in the exponential growth of the population within the County of Buckinghamshire. The local NHS facilities struggled to cope with the increased demands, which resulted in Milton Keynes getting its very own dedicated hospital built in the early 1980’s. The Milton Keynes University Hospital has grown in line with the population which had led to further expansion to the estate over time which has resulted in an out-dated, fragmented security system, utilising a variety of hardware equipment and software systems which are no longer fit for purpose in the current climate. Like all Hospitals in the UK, Milton Keynes University Hospital is a critical part of the national infrastructure and therefore require a high-profile security presence.

The Solution
The CCTV arm of the PWG group, Channel 6 Europe successfully won a national tender against some of the UK’s leading security installation companies to provide a fit for purpose, high-end intelligent integrated CCTV system. Installing and maintaining the equipment and software needed to secure the key areas of the hospital grounds and estates are covered and protected. Utilising industry leading Avigilon equipment and AI technology software, Channel 6 Europe delivered an integrated CCTV system that provides the necessary alerts and provide the required information when requested.

The Result
The entire CCTV system was installed and successfully tested within the desired timescales of the client despite the strict COVID restrictions enforced. The Hospital now has a modern and intelligent security system all managed from it’s dedicated control room which enables the security team to help keep patients and employees safe and identify any criminal or suspicious behaviours. Since the system has been in the place the client has been delighted with physical deterrent provided and the potential information that can be gathered if anything was to happen.