Trojan™ is our special investigations arm that finds answers to difficult questions and comes up with facts, evidence and results. Time and time again. Using state of the art technology and highly trained, expert officers in the field, we provide an extensive range of covert services under the Trojan™ brand which include:
  • Criminal investigations.
  • Asset protection and specialist recovery via tracking solutions
  • Covert surveillance & CCTV operations
  • Business infiltration and penetration testing
  • Close protection for VIP’s and executives
  • Technical counter surveillance.

Our clients often face challenges in securing effective engagement with police forces, especially where criminality transcends force boundaries. Through our unrivalled industry leading relationships with UK police forces, we are able to deliver influential points of contact. This allows us to secure significantly higher levels of engagement and results for you than would otherwise be achievable.



Monitoring, guarding and tracking your assets to minimise the risk of business disruption.

Delivering proven results for our clients in the fight against
organised crime.